Tuesday, April 2, 2013

World Cuisine: Norway

Chicken Fricassee

This is a great recipe I found on one of my favorite cultural sites, Sons of Norway. It's a orange spiced chicken, best served with a side of potatoes (mashed or boiled) and rice. 

The original recipe is found here: Chicken Fricassee 

Without cream: This recipe is just as good without the whipping cream. Norwegian meals tend to have a lot of cream in their cooking recipes to help thicken the meal. But I'm not a cream fan at all and it taste just as amazing without it.

Salute carrots, squash, and peas in another pan with light butter or olive oil. Salt and pepper the veggies to taste. Combine veggies and chicken when served. 

Remember: Do not eat the orange peels. Take them out before serving!!


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