Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Featured Artist Interview: Maja Wrońska

S.G.Renee: When did you first want pursue art as a hobby or career? 

Maja Wrońska: Painting has been my hobby since I remember. As a kid I used to participate in classes in drawing - it was fun since then. 

S.G.Renee: What are your techniques and style and how do they relate to the medium? 

Maja Wrońska: It's hard to say, but my works are very detailed, mostly colorful artworks of architecture or city scenes. I paint watercolors and with pencil the most often.

S.G.Renee: What materials do you use?

Maja Wrońska: I use 'white nights' watercolors, "fabriano" aper and Faber castell pencils.

S.G.Renee: How are your inspirations and influences reflected in your work? 

Maja Wrońska: Inspirations always affect the colors I use.

S.G.Renee: Why did you choose to represent your art this way? 

Maja Wrońska: I like architecture, and I'm an architect so painting buildings and city scenes are the most pleasant thing to do.

S.G.Renee:  What career do you wish to pursue? 

Maja Wrońska: I want to still be an architect as I am right now and have a hobby which I have right now, so I don't need to change anything. I'm happy right now.

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