Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Featered Artist Interviews: Diego Ayala

S.G.Renee: When did you first want pursue art as a hobby or career? 

Diego Ayala: From my childhood I liked to draw and make models, intended to study philosophy but with my skills I decided to study at the National Arts School. 

S.G.Renee: What are your techniques and style and how do they relate to the medium? 

Diego Ayala: My techniques are usually traditional or experimental, usually use gesso and acrylic to generate textures, the other part of my job that is highlighted with markers and sgraffito technique.
  My style is almost always mysterious and gloomy, I like strong and expressive actions, trying to capture movement and environments in my pieces.
Recently I left art school as an illustrator, and I dedicated to solving art projects, I recently did one for paleobotanical at National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

S.G.Renee: What materials do you use?

Diego Ayala: Use a wide range of materials from graphite to digital. But regular acrylics, markers.

S.G.Renee: How are your inspirations and influences reflected in your work? 

Diego Ayala: It is reflected in the forms and environments that are drawn in line and color mainly. The pieces that I like are usually those that are produced from scenes or concepts of things I like, I always try to give expression to my work and I think it's at that point where I can see if it truly reflects my personality.

S.G.Renee: Why did you choose to represent your art this way? 

Diego Ayala: Not if it's a choice I think is more a process where intuition comes much, you adopt trends and techniques, assimilate those things that look attractive according to your personality.

S.G.Renee: Do you have future plans or projects for your work? If so, what are they?

Diego Ayala: Yes, I want to pursue a masters in the Academy of San Carlos, through a project where three dimensional elements and dimensional mix, with the theme of individuality and its dichotomies.

[Diego is currently working on a project called The Queen of Sheba.] 

S.G.Renee:  What career do you wish to pursue? 

Diego Ayala: Life and expanding my consciousness.

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