Saturday, November 3, 2012

Weekly Writing: Trim Them Up

Trim Them Up

Feel soft fur
laid in your arms.
Tiny mouth bites
finger, playfully.
Pass puppy
to nurse
who takes girls
and boys
into the back room.
Tiny mouth trapped
so cannot bite.
Clip skin.
Clip meaningless
piece of flesh.
Flesh that can
do no harm.
Brought on by
Victorian charm.
We say it's for aesthetics.
We say it's for identification.
But when denial
races in our thoughts,
puppies whine in pain.
With clipped ears
and docked tails,
bring on chance for infection
and weeks of bandages
when trimmed.

Feel soft skin
laid in your arms.
Tiny hands squeeze
finger playfully.
Pass infant
to nurse
who takes you son
into sound proof room.
Tiny hands strapped
down to table
and legs separated.
Clip skin.
Clip meaningless
piece of flesh.
Flesh that can
do no harm.
Brought on by
religious charm.
We say it's healthier.
We say it's cleaner.
But while denial
races in out thoughts,
your son screams,
squirming in shock.
Actual shock;
real diagnosis given
to newborn boys
when trimmed.

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