Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fossils & Ruins: Migration and Conquering Part 1

There was an interesting theory passed around in one of my anthropology classes. The teacher told us that there have been links to the Hungarian/Finnish and Japanese/Korean languages.

So how can that be?

In theory if we accept that the similarities are significant enough - how did this happen?
In this theory, there is an idea that the pastoral civilization that lived within present Hungary and Finish migrated through Asia and made their way to Korea and soon Japan.

Why Korea and not China?

If traveling from Eastern Europe into Asia, China is surrounded by mountains and two deserts. Not a very easy voyage. North of the mountains and deserts is a large horizontal plains through present day Mongolia - perfect on horseback. The plains move along all the way to the very tip of Korea and from Korea, Japan is a boat ride away. 

Although just a theory, it's an interesting theory nonetheless.

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