Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekly Writing: A Tale of Two Lovers

A Tall of Two lovers

Shaking nerves
but not of cold feet,
sweet Orpheus
waits to be wed
to dear Eurydice.
Izanagi and
brother and sister,
husband and wife.
Waiting for the forth
child, kami of fire,
to be birthed tonight.

A satyr sets
upon Eurydice,
ready to strike.
Escaping the creature
lead her straight
into the snake pit.
Bitten on the heel
and fell ill;
cast into the underworld.
Later, found 
by devastated, poor

The birth,
so immense.
Pain grew intolerable,
Out the young
kami came,
with a large price
to pay.
Sweet wife,
lovely Izanami
had passed away.

Orpheus rode
in a heated stride,
playing music
to heal his cries.
Through the gates,
to the underworld.
Sooth Hades’ heart
with soft melody.
“Take your bride,
but do not look
at her
until you are back
in the upper world.”
Take Eurydice’s hand,
and head devotedly
back through the gate.

Izanagie charges
down to Yomi,
the underworld.
Searching for beloved wife,
yet cannot see her,
hidden in the shadows.
Pleads she returns,
but Izanami declines
and claims
she is one
with the underworld.
Quickly though
the realm of hell,
eager to have young
Eurydice back.
Step into upper world,
just one more foot
and she would be there
with her love,
hand and hand.
Yet eagerness leads
to forgetful minds.
For Orpheus
looked back
before she crossed
human to spiritual line.
Held in his grasp,
and after a seconds’ passed,
she vanished
gone back
to the hellish land.

Never giving her up,
so waited
until beautiful wife
slept quietly.
Stealthily immerge
from his place.
Pull comb from his hair
and lit it ablaze,
a torch to guide
his way.
Enter the shadows
                        to find his wife.
Yet what used to be
a beauty,
and a fragile lover,
now rotting flesh,
a maggot home and
creature’s delight.
Scream at the sight.
Run away.

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