Thursday, January 24, 2013

Writing Tips: Super Cheap and Worth the Read

John Howard Reid is part of the Tom/Margret Howard Reid well known poetry and short story contest for writers.

Short Story Contest

John Howard Reid has written a few books for writers. These books help writer's with formatting and understanding what Judges look for in the writing. The information might not be perfect for other contests and judges, but it allows the authors a window into the judges' perspective; that in and of itself is worth .99 cents.

That's right, .99 cents.

He sells them just on amazon for Kindle purchase, but if you don't have a kindle, it will go into your digital downloads, and Amazon allows you to read it right off of the computer screen.

Correct Writing Formats for Contests & Publishers 

How Writers Win Favor with Judges & Editors

Poetry Pitfalls or What Makes a Bad Verse Worse

How NOT to Write Short Stories Seven Errors to Avoid

Hope it helps!

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