Friday, July 9, 2010

Don't Judge a Book by its PLOT??

I'm a strong believer that you shouldn't snub a book or film because of a small nit-pick you have with it - like my favorite, "it's unrealistic" for a movie about a ninja cutting up a lot of people who have high blood pressure.

Let's say you know what the story is about, the basic plot - film or book - and then you say "It sounds dumb." However, everyone around you responds with this "You haven't (read/seen) it yet, how would you know?" This isn't, I watched an ad and thought it was dumb, this is you looked up the plot because you had some interest, and then decided it was a piece of crap. If the plot is a bad concept, then it is a bad story - opinion or not.

I mentioned about Percy Jackson's new story last nite - very unimpressed. I read about his book, because it was interesting to me. The plot is, Egyptians had magicians, and they were really bad ass cool and then well Egypt fell because they couldn't work out circles or some shit. Later in our century, two white, middle-income kids from America, found out that they were heirs of these Egyptian magicians and were the GREATEST OF ALL TIME!

Yea, too me, that sounds like shit. Oh, guess what? I don't even have to read it. It's way too convenient to use the High Priest of Egypt - the ones who talked to the gods (and that's really all they did) to have super powers that is inherited through who ever is the easiest character to write about. Yea, it's a kids book and I shouldn't drown creativity of the writer. My point is that there isn't any creativity. Percy Jackson is pulling it out of his ass and shoving it down childrens' throats right in front of their parents too. Sick.

You know what a good childrens' book that I didn't really like the concept myself, but thought it was creative and intelligent nonetheless, is called "warriors." Now it's a series about wild cat clans and although not really original at all and uses the elements scheme everyone loves, it still presents something pretty smart that the creator took time to actually create and build upon without shitting on mythology and ancient civilizations. I didn't read the Warriors either, but I wouldn't have an issue buying it for my kids if I have any. Is it a great story? Probably not, but it's also not something the author wrote once and decided to make a series out of it.

This isn't just a little bash on Percy Jackson, he's not the only one doing it. That writer I don't even care to remember the name who wrote "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies." -cute idea and wasn't really played out as well as it could have been. But because it was successful, he wrote like three more of the exact same theme. So, Jackson isn't the only one stealing money off of you.

The plot is the story. No matter how well they write, if the story isn't executed in the right way that's appealing then it's not going to be a great story. Any writer who pulls things out of their ass to get it published, is bullshit. I've done it a couple of times in drafting, but it takes realization on the author's part, listening to their critics and to know that they shouldn't take the easy road and write a romance on vampires for money so they can eat. No, real authors starve until they get a respectable story on the shelve that no one will read because another author sold their soul to write that damn vampire novel. They made millions and you sold your foot for some bread. That's a true writer.

-Me? I'll probably write that damn vampire book. To hell with starving - it hurts!

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