Monday, July 27, 2009


So, to begin at the beginning, I am a writer. Posts will be designated to poetry or short story exercises at a weekly basis and any important updates on novels and so forth. Whether this will change in the future is hard to say, but alas it is late so tonight I bid you adieu with the first post. Enjoy.

Follow Me

Over endless waters plowed
through a barrier in-between
above land buried clouds
where the wind will scream
as thick blades cut through
Exist because I follow you

Such a long stretched shadow
I hold on to so relentlessly
And a far trail I will always go
Until from our ages we are freed
Where this ends, I do not know
But forever, you I will follow

You pull me aside and tell me no
Frightened without false protection
crawl back behind, safe to hide
Turn to me with such affection
Dark fills with the light I ignored
He said, follow me, no more

Now at his side, took my hand
showed me what I already knew
Forgot through Time's gritty sand
To be strong, I never needed you
But love is of want and not need
Otherwise lovers would be weak

No, together we stand on our own
We'll lend a shoulder but not our life
Together live; together we are home
Only at each other's side - worldwide
Severed by elements; but not apart
For oceans cannot break our hearts

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